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I am a graphics junkie! I do web sites with every type of graphic that I can create or find. They load slow as hell for those with slower internet connections. My only answer to complaints is upgrade! When I'm bored, or just in the mood, I create BUTTONS. Herein you'll find a variety - plain, shapes, animated, etc. All were are 96-100 dpi GIF files. There are 25 buttons to a page, 10 pages to a set. As of 3/7/03 there are 6,500 buttons herein. I add new buttons frequently, so check back often. Each button can be copied.  I play with a lot of graphics programs, but my all-time favorite is Paint Shop Pro. I've found few graphics program that have more capabilities, and none that give so much for the money. PSP is available as a trial download. Click here to see their website: Most non-animated buttons herein are also available as Paint Shop Pro TUBES and appear on my TUBES PAGE. Currently the TUBES PAGE has well over 1,000 PSP tubes. Anyhow, click on links below to see my buttons. I don't care how you use them or who you credit or link to. Just don't email me to bitch about anything or to criticize my lack of simple talent. If you email me jokes, tracts, philosophy or other such crap, I'll bring down plagues and curses on you. If you email me to sell me something, I'll hunt you down, remove important parts of your anatomy, and feed them to you. Please do email to say hi, offer money, or shoot the breeze about computer graphics, beer, or lovely ladies.